How to Select the Right Structured Cabling Contractor

December 26, 2018 | Blue Wave Communications

Finding the right structured cabling contractor is often easier said than done—many commercial cabling contractors may say that they’re the best without providing much, if anything, to back up that claim. When you’re looking for a network cabling company, there are several factors that you should consider:

  • Cost of Service - Cost is always a concern for any commercial application. However, it’s important to balance the cost of service with the quality of service and not make a selection based on cost alone.
  • Quality of Materials - Ensure your structured cabling contractor uses only high-quality materials and is able to provide extended manufacturer warranties for their installations. Ask the contractor to submit the product specifications for everything they intend to use along with any manufacturer warranty information. This will save time and money in the long run.
  • Experience and Expertise - Even with the best materials, an inexperienced structured cabling contractor may not be able to produce the right results. Taking the time to assess the level of experience and particular expertise of a contractor is a must for finding the right contractor for your cabling needs. An experienced and reputable contractor should be certified by the manufacturer for the products that they install.
  • Professionalism of Staff - As noted in a BICSI publication about RCDDs, “A Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD®) is an individual who has demonstrated knowledge in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications and data communications technology systems and related infrastructures.” These individuals are experts in creating effective and efficient structured cabling solutions who have had their expertise vetted by the Building Industry Consulting Service International Organization. When investigating a structured cabling contractor, verify if they have one or more RCDDs on staff. Ask for resumes of other key personnel that will be involved in the project.
  • Satisfaction of Previous Customers - What is the structured cabling contractor’s track record for customer satisfaction? Companies with a long track record of satisfied customers are more likely to provide top-quality service. Ask for references and contacts for the contractor’s previous customers. Additionally, ask if it is possible to tour a facility that they have completed recently.
  • Interest in the Customer’s Needs - It is important to evaluate whether or not the structured cabling contractor has taken the time to consider your industry, your needs, and your future goals for the structured cabling system. A good contractor will ask the important questions that will ultimately save time and money in the future.

If you need a structured cabling contractor that checks all the boxes above, contact Blue Wave Communications today!

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