Structured Cabling

High Quality CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a Cabling Infrastructure in South Florida

Blue Wave Communications specializes in designing and installing high-quality structured cabling systems. Our teams of designers, project managers, and installers have decades of experience tackling different challenges associated with cabling for corporate offices, hospitals, school campuses, assisted living facilities, industrial warehouses, hotels, and condominiums.

We partner with a variety of vendors who share our dedication to providing top-quality products and services. These vendors help us ensure that all of materials we install meet the highest performance standards—they also enable us to provide warranties ranging from 15 to 25 years!


Need Coaxial Cabling?

Blue Wave Communications can also help design and install a coaxial cabling solution for your company’s internal CATV network or for simply distributing your incoming CATV signal to office televisions.

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Get Top-Notch Service from the Structured Cabling Experts

Whenever you’re building or redesigning your business’ network cabling infrastructure, it is imperative that your cabling solution is professionally designed and installed by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Blue Wave Communications specializes in structured cabling solutions, and our team of BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) will work closely with you to ensure that your cabling system meets both your current and future needs.

We pride ourselves on putting our customers’ needs first every time. Everyone on the Blue Wave Team is trained, empowered, and fully expected to provide prompt, high-quality, and professional service to you. Even after the initial cabling system installation is done, we’ll continue to provide service and support for any Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) you require.

We go above and beyond to design a comprehensive system and ensure that all of your cabling needs are accounted for up front. Many other cabling contractors, especially electricians, often provide a “bare bones” estimate based solely on drawings that have limited information on your specific requirements. Their intent is to present the lowest initial price just to win the contract and make more profit on change orders once the specific scope of work is communicated during the project. We don’t play those games.


Better Understanding of Your Needs

At Blue Wave, we work to ensure that there are no surprises by asking detailed questions to better understand your needs and preferences so that we can present a comprehensive proposal and minimize cost overruns due to change orders. With Blue Wave Communications, you’ll know up-front what your cabling infrastructure costs will be because we’ll do our best to provide a detailed proposal that accounts for every variable.

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Regardless of what type of cabling — CAT5e cabling, CAT6 cabling, or CAT6a cabling — Blue Wave has the right people, with the right experience and tools, to help you. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

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