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Why Data Center Cabling Design Matters in South Florida


Data centers are the technological “brains” behind many corporate networks. And, just like a human brain, a data center can be incredibly complex and sensitive to disruption—especially for larger organizations who need bigger data centers with numerous cabinets and/or racks to store all of their servers, storage devices, routers, switches, and more.

Even relatively small data centers require vast amounts of copper and fiber optic data cables to ensure that all of the components on the network can reliably communicate with one another.

A key part of maintaining an efficient, easy to maintain and problem-free data center in Miami and the rest of South Florida is getting the layout just right and making sure that your data center cabling is neatly organized. A poorly-designed layout and messy, disorganized cabling in a data center can make maintenance tasks more difficult and time-consuming.

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How Blue Wave Can Help with Your Data Center Cabling Design

Blue Wave Communications specializes in creating elegant and efficient solutions for your company’s South Florida data center. Our team of Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) will help you optimize the layout of your data center equipment cabinets, design the cabling system, and build out your data center’s entire layout to create a data center that will make managing your IT assets easier rather than harder.

We also work to “future-proof” the data centers that we build, incorporating specific design aspects to accommodate the future addition of new and emerging technologies. This helps to ensure you can expand your data center in the future with relative ease and smoothly incorporate new technologies when the need arises.

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