Does Your South Florida Telecom Room Give You Nightmares?

It happens every day: Someone needs to unhook a cable and reroute something in your telecom room or data center, and when they put things back, the cables are a little messier and a bit out of order compared to before.

No big deal, right? Well, unfortunately, after a few years of this happening every day, your telecom room now looks like Cousin Itt lost a fight with a barrel of hair gel—your once-neat cabling network is in disarray with random cables sticking out and dangling all over the place.

Now, your in-house staff can’t touch anything without fear of disconnecting something critical, and the patched-in cables just keep getting messier and more confusing with each passing day. This can make changes to your system cumbersome, to say the least. Worse yet, the mess of randomly-patched cables can negatively impact the performance, functionality, and overall stability of your system (or even create fire hazards).

Long story short, it’s time for some telecom room cleanup in your Florida facility.

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Untangle the Mess with Our Telecom Room Cleanup Service!

Blue Wave Communications will help you clear your network cabling clutter with our South Florida-based telecom room cleanup service. We start with an initial assessment of your existing telecom/IT equipment rooms so we can identify potential solutions to your specific situation. The primary goal of the assessment is to provide you with some alternative structured cabling solutions to clear the clutter and implement a plan to make your network infrastructure more functional and organized—not to mention easier to manage and upgrade moving forward.

We’ll pull the mess out of your telecom room so you (and your IT team members) don’t pull out your hair having to deal with it!

Check out some additional before/after photos showing how we have helped other clients get a handle on their telecom room cable clutter.

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Want to see some of the messes we’ve cleaned up? Comb through our success photos to see for yourself how we’ve helped others fix their cluttered cabling networks. Or, reach out to us to set up a cabling clutter intervention for your telecom room—you’ll thank us later.

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