First Responder Radio Enhancement Systems

Improving Emergency Response in South Florida

In an emergency situation, smooth communication can mean the difference between life and death for first responders and those they are trying to rescue.

Improving emergency response is a major goal for many state and federal organizations across the country, which is why organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have passed regulations such as NFPA 72®. This regulation is also known as the “National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®.”


Emergency Communications

The Code also puts forth requirements for ensuring that first responders are able to communicate throughout the entirety of a structure during an emergency. Traditionally, maintaining first responder communication was a major challenge because various building materials would block emergency radio signals, cutting off responders deep in a building from those outside. This is why the NFPA 72® communication regulation calls on organizations to take measures to counteract signal interference—such as installing public safety distributed antenna systems (PS-DAS).

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What is a DAS?

A DAS is a network of separated antennas spread throughout a building that are connected to another communication transport medium—such as coaxial cabling or fiber optic cabling—that acts as a kind of signal repeater for wireless communications throughout a structure. By picking up wireless signals and transferring them to the cable, a DAS antenna can allow emergency radio communications from first responders deep in a structure to reach the outside and vice versa.

Why Use Blue Wave Communications for Your Public Safety DAS Solution?


We Provide a “No Surprises” Cost Estimate.

When you contract with Blue Wave for a PS-DAS installation, we will ask questions about your organization and your needs—as well as perform an on-site inspection—prior to providing a quote. This is how Blue Wave ensures that the cost estimate you get is as accurate as possible and prevents surprises, upcharges, and other cost overruns for the PS-DAS installation.


We Are Committed to Professionalism.

We treat each of our customers and their facilities with the utmost respect and professionalism. Our team members will put your needs first, show up on time, maintain a professional appearance, and treat you with respect.


Our History of Customer Satisfaction.

Blue Wave has a long and proud history of shattering expectations to delight customers and earn kudos from them. Our commitment to earning trust by providing quality service from experienced and knowledgeable people sets us apart from our industry peers.

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When you choose Blue Wave to install your public safety DAS in Miami or other South Florida location, you can rest easy knowing that the system will be installed correctly while remaining on schedule and on budget.

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