Synchronized Clocks & Environmental Monitoring Systems

Why Clock Synchronization Matters for Miami & South Florida

Time synchronization is a critical aspect of the modern office, school, or healthcare facility. For example, many aspects of managing a business rely on being able to provide consistent documentation of exactly when events happen. In schools, students and faculty rely on the clocks displayed throughout the facility to provide accurate time to maintain class schedules. In healthcare facilities, clock synchronization helps ensure patients get the right treatments at the right time to best protect their health.

While computer systems can frequently draw on the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) system to keep accurate time, the typical digital and analog clocks found in an office cannot.

Keep your organization in perfect sync with synchronized clocks to save time, boost efficiency, and reduce confusion.


Why Use Blue Wave’s Time Synchronization Solution?

Blue Wave Communications partners with Primex® to provide a wide variety of clock synchronization solutions—including wireless low energy Bluetooth clocks that keep near-perfect time without interfering with your wireless data network. These Bluetooth low power clocks only need to “communicate” once a day to verify that they’re keeping accurate time. Because the data packet for checking each clock’s accuracy is extremely simple, and the clocks only need to make one check each day, there’s virtually no stress on your network bandwidth either.

In fact, healthcare facilities may find this particularly useful for avoiding interference with their patients’ pacemakers—or any other health maintenance equipment that may be sensitive to electromagnetic interference.

These synchronized clocks are also able to create and continually adapt a network between themselves on the fly without any input from users. If one clock fails, other clocks will seamlessly re-form the network around the faulty clock.

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Primex® Clock Synchronization Systems

Primex® clock synchronization systems are available in both analog and digital varieties to match your preferences for your office, educational institution, or healthcare facility. Do you prefer the easy-to-read simplicity of a digital clock or the timelessly elegant appearance of an analog clock? Either way, we can provide the perfect synchronized clocks for your needs.

Blue Wave will work with you to set up a bridge of perfectly-placed synchronized clocks throughout your facility. Before setting up your synchronized clock system, we will survey your facility to ensure that we can install each synchronized clock in the ideal spot to create a comprehensive network and maximize the visibility of each clock.


Add Environmental Monitoring Systems to Your South Florida Facilities

An environmental monitoring system (EMS) can help you keep track of conditions in a given area, room, or individual piece of equipment, providing you with alerts when there’s an issue. An Environmental Monitoring System can document and store data readings which eliminates the need for tedious manual logging. This is especially important for healthcare facilities and pharmacies to remain in compliance with regulations in South Florida and other regions. Environmental monitoring equipment can track:



Relative humidity sensors can keep track of ambient humidity conditions in a building. This is crucial for data centers because of how sensitive electronics can be to moisture.



Temperature sensors will keep accurate temperature records and send out alerts when established high and low thresholds are exceeded. This is critical for healthcare facilities and pharmacies where medications are required to be kept within a certain temperature range.


Differential Pressure

Track changes in differential pressure to monitor airflow in highly sensitive areas and equipment. Great for tracking and controlling indoor air quality.


Water Leaks

Detect standing water to identify potential leaks—which can be especially important for protecting delicate electronics, preventing slip-and-fall accidents, and providing early warning notice to avoid catastrophic water damage.

Environmental monitoring systems can add another layer of security, safety, and control to your Miami or South Florida facility operations regardless of your industry.

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