Abandoned Cable Removal

Do You Have Abandoned Data Cabling in Your South Florida Office?

It’s a pretty common occurrence: A business in Miami or some other part of South Florida decides to move out of one building and moves to another, leaving all of the data cabling in their ceilings, walls, and IT rooms. Or, they’ll upgrade their network cabling infrastructure and the inexperienced, Miami-based low-voltage cabling contractor they hired simply leaves the majority of the old data cables in the ceiling rather than removing and disposing of them properly.

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Why It's Important to Remove Old Data Cables in South Florida

  • Old Cables Pose a Fire Risk. Having too much abandoned data cabling in your ceilings, walls and riser closets adds extra material that can fuel a fire—making it worse. This is why the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA’s) National Electrical Code® (NEC ®) was modified to include a requirement for abandoned cable removal years ago.
  • You Could Fail Fire Safety Inspections. If there are significant amounts of leftover cabling in your walls, it could cause you to fail a fire safety inspection.
  • It Complicates Ongoing Cable Management. Extraneous cables in a structure make it harder to sort which cables are “dead-ended” and which ones are connected properly—this means managing your cables takes more time, effort, and expense.

Protect Your Building by Removing Abandoned Cable

Allow Blue Wave to help eliminate the potential fire hazard by using our abandoned cable removal service! Blue Wave Communications has decades of experience in handling these situations. We’ll perform an assessment to determine which cables are no longer in use and which cables may still be operational - either in your office or your neighbor’s offices. We can help avoid the embarrassment of accidentally disconnecting your neighbor’s internet if your office is in a shared building.

If you’re planning on renovating your office space or moving to new offices, that’s the perfect time to remove old cabling! Or, if you’re not sure how many thousands of feet of unnecessary cabling might be hiding in your ceiling, walls, or riser closets, contact us to schedule an onsite inspection—odds are you’ll be glad you did!

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