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Saving the Open Office in South Florida with Sound Masking Systems!

The concept of the “open office” has taken off in recent years, promising companies easier collaboration and improved communication and camaraderie. However, according to data cited by NBC News, “noise pollution in offices has reached ‘epidemic levels,’ with 63 percent of employees stating that they lack quiet space for work.”

Whether in an office environment with an open floor plan, a school office, or in a hospital ward, individuals requiring one-to-one conversations in South Florida facilities often lack sufficient speech privacy. Furthermore, excessive noise has been linked to increased medical errors and burnout among healthcare employees, as well as increased recovery time for patients and poor ratings on patient satisfaction surveys.


Thankfully, there is a way to provide employees, teachers, students, and patients with some speech privacy and reduce noise distractions without putting up walls:

Sound Masking Systems

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How Does Sound Masking Work?

Sound masking involves the use of a series of digital sound generators (similar to white noise generators) that interferes with the transmission of sound over a large area. Unlike white noise generators, however, the sound waves made by sound masking digital generators go virtually unnoticed by employees, yet dramatically decrease how far audible speech will travel. This is because sound masking systems are designed to match human speech frequencies, whereas white noise pushes sounds at all frequencies, which can be distracting.

Basically, when two people are talking face-to-face, they won’t really notice any difference, but someone sitting further away won’t be able to fully understand what is being said due to the interference from the sound masking system.

What Are the Benefits of Sound Masking Systems?


Reduces distractions and helps to improve focus and productivity.


Helps reduce noise pollution without having to erect unsightly barriers or wall coverings that may harbor dust, bacteria, etc.


Increased employee morale and patient satisfaction.

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