Cellular Enhancement DAS

Reduce Communication Blind Spots in Your South Florida Facility with a DAS

Most organizations in Miami and South Florida rely on consistent access to communications networks to function efficiently and effectively. The ever-increasing reliance on mobile devices in our daily lives demands that we have immediate and reliable access to a wireless cellular network wherever we go. However, deep inside a building, wireless signals tend to weaken and are sometimes completely blocked, leading to dropped calls and poor data download/upload speeds.

Additionally, the majority of 9-1-1 calls are made from cell phones making this even more important for public safety purposes.


Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS, help to reduce wireless communication blind spots within a building—ensuring smoother communication and more reliable access to the Internet.

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How Does A Cellular Enhancement DAS Work?

Distributed Antenna Systems capture the wireless signal from a service provider via an external antenna. This signal is then rebroadcast throughout the facility via a series of interior antennas placed at strategic locations within the building to maximize the coverage.


Is a Distributed Antenna System Worth the Cost?

Distributed Antenna Systems for cellular communication can be well worth the cost for all kinds of organizations, including:


Campus & Healthcare Facilities

From the classrooms to clinics, consistent cellular signals across a campus or healthcare facility can be vital to students, teachers, healthcare providers, and patients.

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Office Buildings

Mobile phones have become essential communication devices in the workplace, and having poor cellular signal can not only lead to a loss of productivity but also a decrease in job or workplace satisfaction.


Commercial Facilities

A DAS in retail or any other customer-centric facility can serve to improve the overall customer experience.

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