4 Reasons To Clean Up Your Telecom Room Cables

March 6, 2019 | Blue Wave Communications

A telecommunications room, or telecom room (TR), contains the technology equipment, cabling, and other IT resources that organizations use to process, transmit, and store important information. These rooms can also be referred to as “data centers,” “server rooms,” “IDF,” or “MDF” and every organization has at least one TR and potentially several throughout their facility or campus depending on the size of the organization.

Telecom rooms can undergo a significant amount of change as organizations grow, adopt new technology, or simply restructure work areas, offices, etc. As these changes are implemented, the telecom cables connecting the equipment (as well as power cords) have a tendency to become disorganized and unmanageable. This is especially true when the initial design for the room, racks and/or cabinets failed to incorporate sufficient cable management or take into account future growth.

When a telecom room starts to look disorganized or has already morphed into a severe mess, it may be time for a cleanup. Below are four reasons to invest in a cleanup effort or, in some cases, a complete overhaul.

Reason #1: To Maintain Efficiency

The more disorganized the telecom cables are, the harder it is to make changes, troubleshoot problems, and upgrade equipment. If patch cables are a tangled mess and hanging in front of equipment, then accessing the equipment is much more difficult when something needs to be added or repaired. It also makes things more difficult in case a workstation cable needs to be troubleshot or new cables need to be added to the telecom room. All of this just wastes time and resources that could be better spent on tasks that are more critical to the organization.

Reason #2: To Improve Network Performance and Stability

bad-cabling-example-4The messier the data cables are, the more likely it is that equipment connections can become loose, disconnected or damaged when performing routine maintenance. It is also likely that some of the cables and connections are of poor quality, which can contribute to network outages or decreased performance.

A dangling mess of cables in front of equipment can also impede the circulation of air and cause switches, servers, or other active equipment to work harder and potentially overheat.

Furthermore, when performing moves, adds, and changes (MAC) work, having messy and disorganized data cables increases the risk of someone mistakenly disconnecting or even causing permanent damage to a vital piece of equipment.

Let’s face it, most people don’t really care until they start to feel the impacts themselves—in the form of slower email, garbled phone conversations, intermittent or unplanned network outages, or slow Internet. Each of these things are a nuisance at best—but for most organizations, it could severely impact employee productivity and affect the bottom line. For other organizations, such as financial institutions and hospitals, these outages could pose a more serious threat and have a significant impact on the people those organizations serve.

Reason #3: To Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fire


In a messy, disorganized telecom room, electrical connections to active equipment will likely be a similar mess. It’s a rare case when the network patch cables are a complete mess but the power cords are properly organized and connected. The “daisy-chaining” of extension cords and power strips can easily overload an electrical outlet, which in extreme cases could cause electrical sparking or overheating that may ignite a fire.

Performing a telecom room cleanup will help reveal improperly-connected power cords and allow for the proper distribution of power to critical equipment—reducing the risk of fires and accidental power outages.

Reason #4: To Maintain a Professional Appearance


Appearances matter to employees, customers, and visitors—a clean, tidy, and organized space provides a positive impression at every level. For this reason, much attention is given to the design and layout of the overall office space, furnishings and especially the reception area.

A clean work area is one that employees can be proud of and be more inclined to take extra care to keep neat and organized. It also projects a professional image for visiting clients or other guests.

Although most clients, visitors and even employees may not see or be exposed to the telecom room, the same principles apply. A messy and disorganized telecom room can be misunderstood as being a reflection of the entire organization and could impact the organization’s ability to recruit or retain qualified IT personnel.

A side benefit of cleaning up telecom room cabling is that it makes things much easier to clean and maintain—which helps improve the appearance, performance and reduce fire hazards.

About Blue Wave’s Telecom Room Cleanup Services

Blue Wave Communications is South Florida’s most trusted structured cabling services provider. Our team works to provide the most accurate quotes for service in the industry by taking into account the unique needs of your organization.

We can help you clean up and organize the cabling clutter in your telecommunication room so you can focus on meeting your goals—not on untying the Gordian Knot.

Need to clean up your telecom room so you can make upgrades, avoid headaches and keep your sanity? Contact the experts at Blue Wave Communications today!

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