Nurse Call Systems From Ascom

Blue Wave Communications Can Help Equip Your Healthcare Providers for Success Through Nurse Call and E-Call Systems

Blue Wave Communications is proud to now offer nurse call and E-call systems from Ascom, a global communications solutions provider. When equipped with this valuable tool, healthcare providers can make the best decisions possible with the least digital information gaps—making all the difference in both the quality and speed of patient care.

Nurse call systems integrate with Ascom’s current healthcare platform to provide the most comprehensive care possible. Healthcare providers need to be able to make immediate and accurate decisions—and nurse call systems give them the information necessary to do so anytime, anywhere.

Comprising applications, services, devices, and smartphones, Ascom’s Healthcare Platform solutions are designed to enable efficient workflows between people, devices, and systems from virtually any location. The result? Streamlined communication and seamless information flow that empowers caregivers and clinicians to make the best decisions possible.

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Why Choose Ascom’s Nurse Call Systems?

Nurse call systems provide caregivers and clinicians with reliable access to the most up-to-date, relevant information throughout every stage of the caregiving process. The Ascom Healthcare Platform gives such a comprehensive and accurate picture of each patient because it collects information from multiple sources, ranging from the patient to medical devices, healthcare applications, and other systems. These valuable features mean Ascom’s nurse call systems go far beyond traditional systems to ensure caregivers are informed on a patient's status in a more timely and accurate way than ever before compared to other solutions. This allows clinicians to make the most accurate decisions for their patients when time is of the essence.

Blue Wave Communications offers the Ascom Telligence Patient Response Systems for healthcare providers and the teleCARE® IP for caregiving applications:

Telligence Patient Response Systems

Designed specifically for healthcare providers, Telligence from Ascom is the world’s first Patient Response System. Ascom Telligence is a scalable nurse call system that integrates seamlessly with your current devices and applications. It can also be further expanded on to meet future requirements and long-term goals, making it possible to scale alongside your growing business. Whichever Teligence solution you choose, each module can help bridge clinical information gaps so healthcare professionals can make more informed decisions, including:


Enhanced Communications Infrastructure

Telligence patient response systems enhance already required nurse call infrastructure with stronger communication and storage/documentation tools.


Access to Patient Records for Informed Decisions

Telligence patient response systems provide a portal to each patient's records and other important medical information to help caregivers make better-informed decisions in the moment.


Faster Visibility of Digital Information

Telligence patient response systems enable easier and faster accessibility into digital information of each patient's needs from applications, devices, and systems.


Easy Documentation Capture

Telligence patient response systems allow key medical information to be captured for faster, more accurate information collection that translates to better patient care.


The Ascom TelliConnect station allows healthcare providers to access relevant patient data at the point of care and captures information from multiple sources so data can be easily shared with a faster response time. This allows for:

  • Streamlined documentation for faster EHR updates.
  • Automated staff check-in.
  • Task monitoring. 
  • Access to patient’s clinical information from third-party medical advice so hospital staff can make the best-informed decisions.


Ascom Telligence annunciators deliver information to your staff where and when they need it most by enabling workflow solutions modeled after the way your hospital operates. Whether centralized or decentralized, these wall-mounted notification stations allow for easy and quick access to patient information when it matters. 

  • Can be used hands-free or with handsets for private conversations. 
  • Allows for increased staff awareness and reduction of interruptions through role-based assignments.
  • High resolution color display for easy visibility. 
  • Provides clear audio for nearly every hospital setting.

Doorside Module

Doorside modules come with customizable buttons for more efficient and effective communication. Each button’s color, text, and icon are able to be changed to match a variety of needs, meaning hospital staff can have an immediate understanding of an event and its priority from first glance and respond in a timely manner.

  • Customized workflow buttons can be changed to suit a wide variety of needs.
  • Easy sanitation with sealed membrane design.
  • Each button features color-matching LED lights.

Pillow Speaker

These award-winning patient handsets offer patient’s control over their environment so they can be as comfortable as possible. Handsets are connected to a beside module and minimize caregiver response times by featuring buttons for service/call request, TV, radio, window blind, lighting control, and flashlight controls so patients can place a specific request to their caregiver. 

  • Minimize response time by alerting the caregiver of a request immediately.
  • Easy-to-disinfect design surface design for optimal hygiene. 
  • Each pillow speaker features the Ascom SafeConnect™, a new feature that prevents damage by sending an alert if there is a disconnection.

Corridor Light

Streamline communication and optimize patient safety with the Ascom Telligence corridor light. Four illuminated sections feature nine vivid colors to indicate unique call types, room status, and events, which create a calmer environment for patients by reducing noise. 

  • Sleek design allows for light to either be wall or ceiling mounted. 
  • Colors allow for a quick understanding of the status of patient events.
  • Customizable flash patterns and colors to create unique notifications for any type of event for quick communication with caregivers.
  • Ascom Telligence corridor light can continue to operate using Safe Mode even if network connection is lost.

Patient Station

The Ascom Telligence patient station allows caregivers unparalleled connection with their colleagues from the bedside of their patients. A simple press of the button allows for direct communication to colleagues; updates and alerts can go from the patient room to pharmacies, labs, administration, security, and more. 

  • Customizable buttons to suit a wide variety of patient needs.
  • Easy sanitation with sealed membrane design.
  • Add voice communication with the integrated speech interface option included in all bedside modules. 
  • Features Ascom SafeConnect™, which sends an alert if there is an accidental disconnection.

Staff Console

Specifically designed for caregivers, the staff consoles are wall or desk-mounted information centers that provide visibility into patient calls and tasks, improving care collaboration. This unprecedented clarity into service tasks allows caregivers to monitor and manage incoming events and ensure that no patient requests are ever lost.  

  • Telligence Advanced Audio Technology enables clear audio communication between caregivers and patients.
  • Easy touch navigation with high-resolution color display.
  • Up to 21 configurable service tasks at the touch of a button.
  • Enables any caregiver to distribute patient requests without the need to write notes.   
  • Allows for system-wide visibility into tasks so caregivers are always aware of events.

Telligence Gateway

An integral component of the AscomTelligence patient response system, the Telligence gateway acts as an interface between the nurse call IP network and the RS-485 hallway network, regulating power and communicating information to facilitate improved audio quality for hospital environments.

  • Simplified installation and maintenance due to industry standard Cat 5/5e/6/7 cable.
  • Easily connected with backup power source in event of emergency. 
  • Built-in power supply and easy RJ45 connections.
  • Provides connectivity and power for Ascom Telligence room and corridor devices.



Ascom’s teleCARE® IP For Senior Living

Ascom’s teleCARE® IP is designed to provide caregivers with an unprecedented level of visibility, insight, and awareness while simultaneously empowering residents to be more independent. Administrators of senior living communities know that striking this balance of necessary vigilance with resident independence can be difficult. The teleCARE® IP system makes it possible for caregivers to accomplish this goal. This scalable system allows staff to respond to requests, handle emergencies, and monitor individuals efficiently—all in a way that minimally interferes with their daily lives. How? Through end-to-end messaging, emergency call capabilities, and wander management that are all consolidated under teleCARE® IP’S singular, simple-to-use platform.

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Provides Freedom & Safety For Residents

Residents can enjoy their independence while still being confident that they will receive a timely response to requests and/or events. Privacy is also prioritized with TeleCARE IP; all resident calls appear as text messages on the caregiver’s wireless device. Ascom’s resident monitoring system also provides active or passive check-in options along with resident profiles for caregivers to give personalized care responses.

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Wander Management

Dangerous wanderings are diverted with the Ascom wristband. Residents can freely move about in the safe environment of their building, but caregivers will receive an immediate alert if they attempt to leave.


Easy Access to Information for Caregivers

The teleCARE® IP system integrates wireless technologies so caregivers know when a resident requires assistance and where to provide it—anytime and anywhere. Resident profiles can also be customized to ensure the right level of attention is associated with an alert.


Quick Wireless Communication

If a specific caregiver is unable to address an alert in a timely manner, the Ascom teleCARE IP system will automatically inform a colleague to assure the call is delivered and responded to. Additionally, a resident can call for help simply by pressing a button on the Ascom wristband. Ascom’s wireless coverage allows caregivers to receive that alert and organize a response.

Ascom’s teleCARE® IP Products

Bedside Handsets

Card Readers


Bedside Modules

Corridor Lamps

Location Beacons

Resident Wristbands

Medical Alarm Module

Room Displays

Room Controllers

Speech Modules

Staff Pendants

Ward Controllers

System Manager

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